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CG125 strip and rebuild

Hey guys.

Not posted on this forum much, but it seems to be coming up so i thought i'd get more involved.

The story behind this rebuild is that some tosser in a renault espace slammed into the side of me, writing the bike off.
I'm still waiting on the insurance money, and i got offered another frame, so i decided to rebuild the bike into the new frame :)

I'm hoping it'll end up like my first CG, which was nicked.

Here is the progress so far :)

I started off strippin the bike. not much comments needed here, took all the bolts out and took all the bits off :)

Couldn't get the swingarm, engine or forks off, soi had to wait till the weekend to get them off and take them up to the garage where my other frame is to fit everything to the new frame.



Turns out theres a few more differences than I bargained for with the new frame... in that some of the wiring brackets... well... they aren't there. So i'll be making some up over the next week.

A week later I got the swingarm off after a bit of trouble, one of the bushes was seized to the spindle, so i got an awesome looking angle grinder and cut the bastard off, and ordered a new spindle and bushes.

So once the swingarm was off, i dumped old frame in the back of the van, and started on the steering head.

Once i had it off, i gave it a right good clean before putting it all on the new frame.

Races were fine, no need to replace them... gave it a good greasing then put it all back together again.

Once that was all together again, i set to work on the fork seals. At this point my phone decided to die, so no pics i'm agfraid till i had the forks and wheels on in the workshop.

I managed to get a new spindle and bushes, fit the swingarm, get the rear shocks on, then when putting the rear wheel on i realised i was missing a spacer. bugger. i'll get one from somewhere.

Anyway, forks fitted, Wheel fitted, Bars fitted with some kind of ghey chopper style grips on (will have to do as they were free :wink:)

Everything got a good clean before going back in the frame, so it looked kind of sexy i think... compared to the last set of pictures anyway.

Next job was to fit the leccy.
Got it all hooked up to where it's supposed to be, realising half the fixings are different, and there is nowhere to hold the battery. But i'll make the mounts for it at some point and get them on the frame.

I then got the mudguard on, and got the airbox on.

Next was time to check the tank i had bought actually fitted the frame.


When going through to get a trolley jack, i stopped to admire one of the old cars in the warehouse bit. Lovely old car here, a 1954? SS jaguar, apparently the first jaguar to be made, not even by jaguar... if you know your history :wink:

It's apparently worth somewhere in the region of 25,000 - 30,000...

Then got the engine in, And fitted the tank, mudguard, and seat cowl.

You can see from the pics above that the side panel isn't sitting right, seems it's not the right mounts for it so i'll have to get a different one i think.

Anyway, i pushed it up against the wall to come back another day and get the rest of the work done.
By the progress of things, i think it'll be back on the road soonish, won't take too much longer to get everything fitted and cleaned/painted.



Nice one Dunc

Get yersel involved..

Oh and if you have a birthday coming up,you can get decent tools in Halfrauds cheaply..

Loving the multi function pushbike spanner there.

Keep us updated.

haha cheers mate. just using what i could find in the old man's toolbox eh ;)

Had to get it apart before i could move it to the workshop...

I'll update soon as i've done some more work :)



Quality mate, use wat ye can ti get the job done  

It just goes to show how much ye can dae yersell if ye really want/need to  

Keep up the good work neebs, it'll be back on the road in no time  
big doug

Wow top marks for you, and yes its looking as sexy as it gets for a CB125.

awesome job   well done

I was amazed at picture one, then you showed us picture 7.

How much hidden rust?

Crackin' job so far, moreover, I like the way you power on through the setbacks.  Great stuff.


Love these threads... good work...        
The Racketeer


Looking great manny!  

Okay, so all the electrics are now hooked up, chain is on, everything is fitted and all i need to buy now is a new exhaust, a new set of indicators, a seat and a set of mirrors...

Then it'll be MOT time :)

Going to head up with the keys at some point, so i'll get a video of it running... assuming it starts, and i'll get some pics too.

Watch this space  


Watchin the space neebs, crackin work and it'll start first turn o the key  

Okay, progress!!!!

I went up to see the bike, and was offered a shed... 8'x4' which will be good enough for a bike i suppose, so i'll be able to keep it in my garden rather than at the workshop.

spent a half hour getting to the bike after having to haul the royal enfield and half-stripped Francis Barnett out of the way.....

Then i got the tank off.

Hmm, that'll be why i can't get a spark.

So bugger, all that and i don't even have my soldering iron with me. So another half hour putting everything back to come home and solder it back on again.

and here's the results of a shitty soldering job. it was some job, it just didn't want to stick... solder everywhere, melted a fingertip and finally got it on...

Here's the results.

Bad idea? i don't give a toss.

Will go up when i get the chance again and stick it back together and try to get it running....


If it's secure and works that is all that matters.  hidden cosmetics don't matter.


The wire snapped off about 2 minutes after i made that post... so i've ordered a new coil

Should be here by the end of the week :)

good stuff.  reminds me of the logs Logan used to post on BCF.  No fucking about trying to be a smart ass, just gets in there and does it.  Brilliant.


So i've not been able to do much work on it recently, bought a GPZ500s for 300 and been working on that recently so the CG has been neglected till i get more money.


The battery was dead and a half, so it didn't really want to do anything so i hooked it up to a car battery and kicked it over.

Petrol PISSING out the back of the carb into the airbox meaning the float was sticking, but i kept kicking holding the throttle open to stop the petrol coming out.

It fired into life :)

Smoky as hell, turned a spot on the shed wall black due to the exhaust but it ran. The idle is a bit buggered due to the carb being gummed up but i could keep it going by holding the throttle open a bit.

I Then took it for a wee ride on the umm... private road...

The brakes are shit, but they will do for now, and it is seriously loud - for a 125!

But at least it's running eh - the 10 coil did the trick.

So now on the list to buy:

Side Panels

So this bike will cost me another 120 plus whatever tyres i decide to get... Should be good getting this bike back on the road :)

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